Stories have been told to children for generations about Knights. Warriors dressed in shining armour, armed with swords, and driven by God lead chivalry. Knights have always been depicted as heroes amongst men defeating the bad guys while defining the values of a gentleman.

Knights no longer exist in their warrior form, but the values they portrayed are needed now more than they ever have done.

My name is Kiaran Knight and whilst I share the name of Knight I fight an uphill battle every day to be a good example of an armor-clad warrior. I am a son, husband, and father who wants my family to live and grow in the shade of my actions. I want to add to the creation of a world where Knights are the norm.

The pages of this site are lessons I am learning on my journey. The blog posts, lessons, and tools are created from my experience and ability. They are shared with the intention of helping you grow and thrive with me.

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