What a journey life is when you reach out of your comfort zone and start pulling apart your motives, your thoughts and your feelings. I have found myself writing everyday, but if you have been following my short blog thus far, you will know that I have published a grand total of 2 posts.

Since my last post I have written about failure, written about productivity, written lists, how to’s, and even a few diary posts. So far the moment I get halfway through I am confronted by one question, WHY?

Why is a powerful question, one which we give very little credit to as we grow up. We can all envisage a 3 year old child walking around answering every question with the magic, WHY. There are 2 reasons that this is such an important question, the first is information gathering. The simple action of getting the information you want, the result of this is that you now know what you didn’t before. The second reason its an important question is that it teaches your child that they can learn through asking. This triggers a new method of learning, that exhaustingly for parents, lasts for a great deal of your children’s lives.

What we don’t realise at that age, is that asking why doesn’t only count for asking mom, dad, and who ever else they feel safe enough to reach up and ask, but rather becomes a tool that will lead us, stop us, and even save our lives. I am certain that the question why has been a kill joy, a bad date rescue, a detention dodge, and an escape from the wrong job.

What happens to WHY?

As we get older, we leave why to our mental autoresponse. We leave our mind to manage when why is appropriate, and like a default email rule, we stop questioning whether the rules parameters are still valid. This new normal can be so damaging to your mind, to your heart, to your future, and if you are not careful it can affect your family, friends, and your teams.

Getting back your WHY

The decline of why can be reversed, however the journey to taking back the power of why in your life may present some large challenges. As a child, your sole goal is to grow, learn, and enjoy your days. Everything is done for you and for some time you don’t need to worry about planning your day, picking your clothes, or making your meals. With this very simple mandate, your mind is clear to exercise a desire to learn and to master your why.

Once we grow up, our minds are answered for. Our minds are full to the brim with tasks, expectations, goals and desires that we already understand. We do jobs that follow the same structure everyday, and for our weekends we watch sport, television, and movies. These entertainers, despite our loyalties or tastes, tend to follow a known path. Why has very little place as our minds are not tested and hearts remains untested. We stay in the world we know.

A new beginning

Once you acknowledge that you are living a life without the need for why you will probably realise that your heart feels dull and your mind uninspired. This is so critically wrong! Your first conscious why should be the answer to a series of questions about yourself; ‘Why am I here?’, ‘Why am I doing what I do?’, and ‘Why are these my friends?’. Once you have asked these questions of yourself, and you are not amongst the blessed in our world who are completely content, you will have some challenges ahead of you. Now is the time you set your life towards your desired climax.

Why is powerful – commit to yourself to set some time by yourself with the sole intention of asking yourself why, and allow yourself to be challenged.

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